Great Gifts for Dance Teachers: Introduction

Don’t know what kind of gift to give your dance teacher?Great Gifts for Dance Teachers - A Gift Guide Introduction

You’re not alone.Buying a gift for a dance teacher is a great way to show your appreciation – but it’s not without it’s challenges. Dance teachers put a lot of time and love into their classes and your kids but picking out the perfect gift can be hard since you only know a certain aspect of their personality.

My Favorite Dance Teacher Gift

After taking classes since I was four and teaching dance since 2006 I have given and received a fair share of candles, picture frames, and bath sets. My favorite gift to receive? I was moving across state to finish my degree, and at my last recital for the studio, the class moms came on stage to present me with a full set school supplies as well as gift cards from various fast food joints and the campus bookstore. It meant a lot to me because all throughout that next school year I was reminded of the love and support of my dance kids and their parents.

Over the next few weeks we will go over several ideas for gifts to present to your dance teachers – so stay tuned!

The Most Important Thing to Remember

When choosing a gift for your dance teacher the key thing to remember is to celebrate the relationship between your family and him/her. Look for cues from your dance teacher on what else she/he is interested in and go from there.

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