“Great dancers are not great because of their technique,

they are great because of their passion.”

– Martha Graham


Dancin Darling was started as a way to share my love of dance because I was made to believe my technique mattered more than my passion – so I stopped dancing.

You see, before I was born I suffered a stroke. The stroke affected my right side and I was in therapy for many years learning how to walk and manipulate my right arm the correct way. I started taking dance classes when I was four because I saw my older sister in her class and wanted to be just like her (what younger sibling doesn’t want to be the same as their older sibling at that age?).  I loved it. But there were times I wanted to quit because it was hard to handle the criticism of correcting technique of body parts I didn’t have a good handle on. My technique clouded my passion in those moments but the love I have for dancing always won out.

After unsuccessful trying out for a college dance team after high school I quit dancing for a year and became quite depressed. At the end of my first year of college I moved in with my sister who taught a drill/dance team and dance classes at the local high school and a local studio. Helping her do choreography for her team and covering her classes at the studio helped me realized I missed dancing and for the next two years I taught my own classes and team at the same studio.

Around that same time I started designing dance gifts as another outlet to share my passion and it has grown into what you see today. Dancin Darling is a place where dancers and those around them can come and browse through unique designs made by people like me who continue to share a love for dance.

 Martha Graham’s quote sticks with me because it reminds me what dancing is all about.   Are there any dance quotes that stick with you?


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  1. I wanted to thank you for featuring my “Dance, Inspire, Teach” necklace in your Etsy treasury of dance teacher gifts. I was a dancer when I was young but had to give it up around the age of 15. I had a really bad case of Mono that left my body susceptible and I became ill with MS (multiple sclerosis) due to my compromised immune system. I had dreams of being a professional dancer but nowadays I’m happy to still be walking unassisted at age 42. I find having a creative outlet such as making personalized jewelry has helped me deal with having a chronic, debilitating disease. Thanks again for supporting my small, one woman business!

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